25 finalistov z 12 krajín EÚ bude súťažiť vo finále známej súťaži o získanie podpory medzinárodného rastu v celkovej výške 750 000 EUR. Na záverečnom podujatí v novembri bude ocenených 10 víťazov.

Pozrite si infografiku (PDF)

Vybraných 25 finalistov v 5 kategóriách:

Digital Tech

  • Blueliv (ES) – Provides cyberthreat intelligence and analysis to mitigate cyber-risk
  • LogoGrab (IE) – AI platform for brand management and authentication
  • QuoScient (DE) – Fully automated cybersecurity platform to manage operative processes
  • R3 (DE) – High-performance wireless technology for mission-critical industrial applications
  • ReaQta (NL) – AI powered platform for detection of new and unknown cyberthreats

Digital Industry

  • DCbrain (FR) – AI software dedicated to exploitation issues of complex networks
  • Oculavis (DE) – Remote Service Platform with customizable service apps, AR and AI applications.
  • Reliability Solutions (PL) – Software platform for predictive and prescriptive maintenance
  • Ubudu (FR) – Real-time locating system which tracks, analyses and detects assets and people in industrial or service sites
  • Wonderflow (NL) – Helps brands extract actionable insights from customer feedback

Digital Cities

  • CERBAIR (FR) – Drone detection and neutralisation via radio frequency
  • gridX (DE) – End-to-end IoT solutions for the energy sector
  • MOTIONTAG (DE) – Delivers insights through information from smartphone sensors about mobility behaviours
  • Orbit GT (BE) – Platform for 3D Mapping to build digital twins of smart cities and buildings
  • LORIOT (CH) – Secure and scalable long-range infrastructure provider for IoT

Digital Wellbeing

  • DiaMonTech (DE) – Allows non-invasive measurement of the blood glucose level
  • GWA Hygiene (DE) – IoT system that monitors hand hygiene behaviour to reduce hospital-acquired infections
  • SidekickHealth (IS)- Digital therapeutics platform to prevent and manage chronic diseases
  • Technologies of Voice Interface (Voiceitt) (IR) – AI speech recognition technology helping people with speech impairments to communicate
  • Mecuris (DE) – Platform for customizable and 3D-printed prosthetics and orthotics

Digital Finance

  • buguroo (ES) – Combats online banking fraud by identifying customer identity theft and manipulation attacks
  • CashDirector (PL) – Virtual CFO application based on real-time accounting helping SME owners to manage the cash flow
  • Fractal Labs (UK) – API-based payments and insights platform-as-a-service focused on Small-Medium-Enterprise (SME) financial services.
  • Minna Technologies (SE) – Subscription management platform for retail banks
  • Zelros (FR) – AI and Machine Learning technology, helping insurances increase sales efficiency

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