Presentation mastery: How to present online



(ďalej v anglickom jazyku)

How to present online?

The online workshop is from the series of the Acceleration program activities, aimed also (but not only) for startups. It is intended for everyone who needs to present own intentions, or the projects’ results and solutions in front of a group of listeners.

The workshop will focus on the analysis of the so-called “Stress management”, its essence and ways how build resistance to stress. Also, the topic of so-called “Storyteling” will be covered, which is based on the story in the presentation.

The focus will be also on the technical preparation of presentations, but also on the specifics of online presentation with emphasis on such topics as: how to keep the audience’s attention, how to prepare the broadcasting environment, how to choose the right tools for the online presentation.


Marek Šaly – has been leading and motivating people for over 20 years. Already at the age of 18, he helped to create, motivate and lead a group of more than 50 volunteers working on the extracurricular activities within the Frigo (non-profit organization). For 5 years, he has been successfully working in the field of trade and sales for two companies, where he still works as a consultant. For six years, he led several successful teams at T-Systems, where he also presented and trained soft skills as a part of the in-house academy (which he co-founded). In 2017, he founded his own company in the field of human resources.