Agile Scrum



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The workshop is dedicated to the issue of project management, the aim of which is to ensure effective management of activities so that they bring the expected result and benefits. The subject of project management is the project.

Agile Scrum is one of the most widespread and well-known methods of project management. Agile methods are generally considered to be more flexible and faster than traditional project management methods.

Agile Scrum :

  • Deliver a functional product in short cycles
  • Ensure fast feedback
  • Enable continuous improvement
  • Facilitate rapid adaptation to environmental influences and changes

Webinar program:

  • Agile methods: How to master the basics of agile ways of working
  • Agile approaches: principles and values in Scrum
  • Roles and tasks in Scrum: Product Owner, Scrum Master and team
  • Scrum process, communication structures and sprint work: How to actively cooperate in the team, with the customer during development and how to control the quality of delivered products.
  • Scrum planning and control: How to more effectively manage the delivery of your products
  • Managing distributed teams: How to create a transparent and open environment during product development
  • Examples of good practice


Peter Imrich, a certified Scrum Master (PSM), has several years of experience in managing international projects in the position of Scrum Master. Co-author of the EFFY application ( Team mentor for Agile Management in the Digital League program and has primarily worked in application development teams such as Payout, Pokerstars, Bankomo, Starswallet and Boon.

Radovan Šalitroš, certified project manager (Prince2, PMP, PSM) with more than 12 years of experience in project management, as well as co-author of the EFFY application ( Rado worked as a member of teams that were focused on the development of applications for banks around the world. He is actively involved in supporting education in the field of project management in schools and universities. He led and developed the IPMA Young Crew Slovakia organization and the Butterfly Effect program. He founded the company Blue Lemons focused on the creation of digital innovations and the educational program Digital League focused on the development of digital skills.