Názov: Emergence of Deep Learning & New AI: The Technology Revolution and Roadblocks
Kedy? 22. október
Kde? Online
Prezentujúci: Dr. Jacek M. Zurada

Popis (v anglickom jazyku): As today’s DL systems can so successfully acquire new knowledge from the environment that even exceed human cognitive and perceptual abilities, they can be considered as endowed with AI. This has led to breakthroughs in image recognition, speech recognition, computer vision, robotics, intelligent interfaces which all are revolutionizing today’s homo sapiens environment. The most useful results of DL/AI are the complex decisions they are able to make. However, they have only little, if any transparency. Therefore, the primary challenge for their designers and users is the assignment of responsibility. These systems, moreover, neither know codes of ethical behaviour or legal norms. Other challenges inherent in autonomous systems are related to the protection of privacy, safety or non-discrimination. These are the challenges of our day, which stand not only against the engineers and computer scientists creating these systems, but with entire societies and nations.

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