USP Technicom Phase II.

Name of the project: University science park TECHNICOM for innovation applications supported by knowledge technologies – Phase II.
ITMS code: 313011D232
Source of finance: 313000 – Operational Program Research and Innovation
313010 – 1 Support for research, development and innovation
313010031 – 1.1.3 Increasing research activity through improved coordination and consolidation of R&D potential of the research institutions
Call: OPVaI-VA/DP/2016/1.1.3-02
Total spending:  5 273 137,45 EUR
Project duration: 11/2015-06/2018
Project manage: prof. Ing. Stanislav Kmeť, CSc.


USP TECHNICOM and its functions:

University Science Park TECHNICOM will fulfill the following functions:

  • ensure the establishment of business incubators for small and medium-sized “Hi-Tech” companies, Start-up or “Spin-off” companies generated mainly on the basis of relevant outputs of research and development (R&D), carried out within the research and innovation activities and projects of universities and institutes of SAS,
  • support wide, effective and mutually beneficial R&D cooperation between the workplaces of universities and institutes of SAS, and relevant organizations from social and economic practice,
  • create conditions for sustainable growth of R&D with a permanent impact on the transfer of knowledge and technologies (or innovative practice) at international, national and regional level,
  • become (in cooperation with the University Centre for Innovation, Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property Protection – UCITT at TUKE) the first point of contact for companies interested in collaboration with research and development teams from university workplaces,
  • provide counseling, educational activities and carry out expert activities.

Strategic objective of the project

“Build USP TECHNICOM as an internationally recognized research and technology transfer center in the area of innovative applications, while supporting the knowledge technology .”

Specific objectives of the project

SO 1 – Organizational and management support in building and maintaining USP TECHNICOM based on proper scientific management.

SO 2 – Build the physical and functional infrastructure of the park as a sophisticated research and technological unit.

SO 3 – Top applied R&D in selected areas of science, including its socio-humanitarian aspects:

  • information and communication technologies,
  • electrical engineering, automation and control systems,
  • mechanical engineering,
  • civil engineering (construction, transport, geodesy),
  • environmental engineering (mining, metallurgy, water sciences),  including its socio-humanitarian aspects.