FCE – Center for a Clever the Facade of the Future

CEF – experimental research center of FCE

CEF (Room 306) research center is dedicated to a research of intelligent and promising building façade systems. It is set up in the multifunctional USP TECHNICOM building, which is the first in Košice and in the wider region of eastern and central Slovakia to have designed and implemented building envelope with a double transparent, energy, cybernetic, climate façade.

Two variants of the façade can be found on the building: standard, with a year-round open circuit (the whole south-west facing façade) and experimental (the south-east facing façade). The center is equipped to control this experimental façade.

Equipment: The workplace is equipped with a set of measuring and processing equipment in the following areas:

  • measurement of meteorological variables of outdoor environment;
  • measurement of sensory variables of the interior environment;
  • measurement of air flow variables in the façade interspace;
  • measurement of thermal-technical quantities in the façade;
  • measurement of thermo – optical quantities of transparent structures;
  • equipment for collecting and processing the aforementioned measured quantities.

Contact: Doc. Miloslav BAGONA, PhD., miloslav.bagona@tuke.sk

Doc. Martin LOPUSNIAK, PhD., martin.lopusniak@tuke.sk

Katedra architektúry a konštrukcií budov, Ústav pozemného staviteľstva, FCE TUKE

Innovation center of information and communication services for support of science, research and technological transfer

The aim of the innovation center is to support the realization of research, development and innovation projects and the realization of research and development in the field of new forms of communication, pilot verification of new solutions. The workplace also includes the Central Management Department of National Telecommunications Infrastructure (NTI) for the support of science, R&I in the Slovak Republic.



On behalf of TUKE: Dávid Cymbalák, PhD., +421 55 602 3602, david.cymbalak@uvptechnicom.sk

Measurement Systems Laboratory with M-Sequences in Košice – „K-MLab“

The aim of the innovation center are activities in the field of research and development of innovative broadband sensor systems.



On behalf of TUKE: assoc. prof. Miroslav Michalko, PhD., +421 55 602 7080, miroslav.michalko@uvptechnicom.sk

On behalf of Ilmsens GmbH: M.Sc. Hans-Christian Fritsch, hans-christian.fritsch@elmsens.com

TUKE – Košice IT Valley z.p.o.

Information and Contact Center

The aim of the research center is to support and develop activities aimed at supporting research and development (R&D); supporting the establishment of a business-friendly environment for various forms of R&D cooperation between TUKE and industry; supporting innovation and increasing the innovation potential in the region of Eastern Slovakia in the area of information and communication technologies (ICT). The joint research center also serves as a point of first contact for visitors to USP TECHNICOM in accordance with the USP TECHNICOM concept.



On behalf of Košice IT Valley: Ing. Pavol Miroššay, Tel. number: 0904 676 975, pavol.mirossay@itvalley.sk

On behalf of TUKE: assoc. prof. Miroslav Michalko, PhD., +421 55 602 7080, miroslav.michalko@uvptechnicom.sk


The goal of the joint experimental workplace is research and development activities focused on the use of artificial intelligence tools in solving current industry challenges to increase the quality and protection of the environment while maintaining the economic efficiency and competitiveness of production.



On behalf of U.S.Steel Košice, s.r.o.: Ing. Robert Vandlik, e-mail: rvandlik@sk.uss.com

On behalf of FEEI TUKE: prof. Ing. Peter Sinčák., e-mail: peter.sincak@tuke.sk

prof. Jozef Juhár, email: jozef.juhar@tuke.sk

Research and development innovation center for improving the quality of management in the sports

The goal of the innovation center are the activities aimed to support the research and development in the area of sports management at all levels. An emphasis is put on the funding, management and education in the area of sports management, having ice hockey as the center of attention.



On behalf of TUKE: assoc. prof. Miroslav Michalko, PhD., +421 55 602 7080, miroslav.michalko@uvptechnicom.sk

On behalf of SZĽH: Peter Žifčák, zifcak@szlh.sk

EPIC (EP Innovation Centre)

EPIC – international research and development workplace of TUKE and EPH/EPC

EPIC – Artificial Intelligence and Data Science will support research and innovation in the field of energy commodity supply and trading

The Centre is focused on advancing the state of knowledge, research and innovation in the energy and industrial sectors, particularly in the areas of modelling, analysis and prediction in the supply and trading of energy commodities.

EPH (Energetický a Průmyslový Holding) – https://www.epholding.cz is a leading Central European energy group that owns and operates facilities in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, Ireland, France and Switzerland.

The key founders of EPIC are employees of the London office of EPC (EP Commodities) and KKUI FEEI TUKE (Department of Cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Technical University of Košice).

EPC specializes in pan-European trading, transit and storage of energy commodities (natural gas, electricity, emission allowances, coal, structural products – spreads).

Research and innovation projects at EPIC, including theses by students and PhD students, are focused on the field of analysis and financial modelling of energy markets with an emphasis on sustainability and energy security. These activities are also based on modern artificial intelligence and data science methods in line with the European vision of Industry 5.0. Students from TUKE and other universities have access to the centre’s facilities and state-of-the-art equipment, real data resources, guidance and consultation by experienced experts on both sides, which also allows them to gain better job opportunities in companies with similar economic activities to those of the EPH Group. EPIC is also open to cooperation with interested parties outside TUKE and EPH.



On behalf of TUKE:

Ing. Erik Kajáti. PhD, erik.kajati@tuke.sk

prof. Ing. Iveta Zolotová, CSc., iveta.zolotova@tuke.sk

On behalf of EP Commodities, a.s.:

Ing. Martin Miškuf, PhD., martin.miskuf@epcommodities.cz

TUKE and Office of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic for Investments and Informatization

“Cyber and Information Security Office”

The aim of the innovation center the development of joint activities in the field of information and communication technologies, within the area of automation, information security management systems and cyber security.



On behalf of TUKE: assoc. prof. Miroslav Michalko, PhD., +421 55 602 7080, miroslav.michalko@uvptechnicom.sk

On behalf of partner: Ing. Miroslav Sidor, miroslav.sidor@csirt.sk

SEEAIM - Centre for Software Engineering and Applied Artificial Intelligence in Medicine

Joint R&D workplace of KPI FEI TUKE and CorTech, s.r.o.

The Centre focuses on research and development in the field of natural and technical sciences, computer data processing with an emphasis on software engineering and the use of applied artificial intelligence in medicine.


On behalf of TUKE:

Prof. Ing. Jaroslav Porubän, PhD., jaroslav.poruban@tuke.sk

On behalf of CorTech s.r.o.:

Ing. Peter Václavík, PhD., peter.vaclavik@cor-tech.ai