TUKE (CC5), represented by USP TECHNICOM (USP), not only locally coordinates the H2020 MIDIH project but also solves its activities. One of such activities includes the scientific papers. USP members have already presented the outputs of the project at two international conferences:  16h IFAC  International Conference on Programmable Devices and Embedded Systems (PDeS 2019), two papers, and 17th International Conference on Emerging eLearning Technologies and Applications (ICETA 2019), one paper. Note that both conferences have scientific papers indexed in the major scientific citation databases (IEEE, SCOPUS).


16h IFAC  International Conference on Programmable Devices and Embedded Systems (PDeS 2019)

About the conference

The IFAC PDeS is an important international forum where researchers from around the world discuss the latest findings from their research and areas of their interest. The primary focus is on programmable devices and systems and the future development of applied electronics in ICT control.

Research papers

The paper “Enhanced approaches to automated monitoring environmental quality in non-isolated thermodynamic system” was presented at the PDeS 2019 conference. Invited to the plenary lecture was one of the researchers of the project Ondrej Kainz, PhD., who presented the outputs of the research and outlined the possibilities how to utilize the MIDIH collaboration platform, which was used in the implementation of the research, as well as the MIDIH architecture of the implemented software-hardware solution. The lecture was followed by an expert discussion in which the possibilities of extending the prototype solution for monitoring and adjusting the internal environment of the experimental greenhouse were considered.

Another paper “Wireless data acquisition from automated workplaces based on RFID technology”, presented also at the PDeS 2019 by Marek Vagaš, PhD. was focused on implementation of RFID technology into the automated workplaces with impact to data collection in a real time and at any point in an automated process that can identify any discrepancies or failures. Joining and communicating of the various devices at workplace greatly improves production, reduces costs and management of created products. The paper includes proposal of an algorithm, layout and detailed description of specific solution based on the use of standard industrial robot and software needed for programming and setting of necessary parameters, conditions and possibilities. The system approach to the solution was following the relevant concepts of the MIDIH architecture and edge-oriented local clouds for factory automation.


17th International Conference on Emerging eLearning Technologies and Applications (ICETA 2019)

About the conference

The ICETA aims to exchange experiences in the utilization of advanced ICT for education, development of a multidisciplinary platform for information exchange in research and development of multimedia and hypermedia applications, in complex computer support of learning and in new telecommunication services, supporting a collaboration among the users and suppliers of learning solutions, and creating of a broad database of future customers and users of the presented services.

Research paper

The paper “Contribution of MIDIH project to solution of selected aspects supporting efficient application of Digital Transformation in industrial processes” was presented at ICETA 2019. Presentation was given by assoc. prof. Anton Lavrin, PhD., who introduced the mission of MIDIH project and its relevance for the USP TECHNICOM in its way to becoming a digital innovation hub (DIH). During the conference the team of MIDIH project (assoc. prof. Frantisek Jakab, PhD., assoc. prof. Anton Lavrin, PhD., Miroslav Michalko, PhD., David Cymbalak, PhD., Ondrej Kainz, PhD., and Gabriela Alexandrova, PhD.) had an informal local meeting.