Open Call #2 experiments

MIDIH team members mentored two OC#2 MIDIH experiments.

Adaptable TubE pRocessing (ALTER)

ALTER within the MIDIH Open Call #2 enhanced a robotized pipe bending cell with AI-based capabilities based on the MIDIH Reference Architecture. Two main areas of improvement were targeted:

  • Real-time operation of the robot including proper identification of the raw materials to be processed (the length and the material of a pipe) as well as finding the required grasping point on the selected element – the aspect depending on the Data-In-Motion part of
  • Long-term learning for optimal use of resources and reducing waste – the aspect relying on the Data-At-Rest part of MIDIH.


DuraTag AR (Moonstruck)

The goal of the project was to develop a framework (AR as a service) that is to provide to third parties the ability to build their own Augmented Reality Training Manuals. The project delivered end user application for training machine operators and technical personnel, built with developed AR Creator Tool. Development process involved experiment with MIDIH recommended technologies APACHE KAFKA, APACHE ZEPPELIN, APACHE FLINK.