FCE – Center for a Clever the Facade of the Future

CEF – experimental research center of FCE

CEF (Room 306) research center is dedicated to a research of intelligent and promising building façade systems. It is set up in the multifunctional USP TECHNICOM building, which is the first in Košice and in the wider region of eastern and central Slovakia to have designed and implemented building envelope with a double transparent, energy, cybernetic, climate façade.

Two variants of the façade can be found on the building: standard, with a year-round open circuit (the whole south-west facing façade) and experimental (the south-east facing façade). The center is equipped to control this experimental façade.

Equipment: The workplace is equipped with a set of measuring and processing equipment in the following areas:

  • measurement of meteorological variables of outdoor environment;
  • measurement of sensory variables of the interior environment;
  • measurement of air flow variables in the façade interspace;
  • measurement of thermal-technical quantities in the façade;
  • measurement of thermo – optical quantities of transparent structures;
  • equipment for collecting and processing the aforementioned measured quantities.

Contact: Doc. Miloslav BAGONA, PhD., miloslav.bagona@tuke.sk

Doc. Martin LOPUSNIAK, PhD., martin.lopusniak@tuke.sk

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